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Designed for Today's Renters

Over 70% of renters search for their next place on a mobile device. Easily shoot and share video walk-throughs in a familiar format designed for mobile and preferred by billions.

Authentic Video

Renters told us they want to see inside the actual units they could rent. You don't need to spend thousands on a video production. Apartment Stories isn't flashy, it’s not cheesy, it’s real

Resources & Training

Give your team access to our Resource Center where they can learn the best practices for virtual leasing, including instructions on how to create great video walkthroughs.

Sharable Videos

Your Stories are sharable! Easily send Stories to renters anytime and anywhere.

Embed on Your Site

Get more eyes on your videos by embedding our Stories widget on your website.

Video Tours Have Never Been This Easy

Here's How

We train your leasing team how to capture great video walkthroughs using their phones.
Your agents capture video walkthroughs and upload them to Rentable.
Rentable edits, enhances and packages the walkthroughs into a ‘Story.’
Embed and share your ‘Stories’ everywhere online (Social media, email, your website, on Rentable).

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