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Leverage the tech and integrations we've created to make your life easier. Our lead Chatbot responds 24/7, qualifies renters, integrates with your lead CRM, and can schedule tours via an integration with your tour scheduling software.


At Rentable we've been at the forefront of innovation on Facebook Marketplace. Since becoming a founding Facebook Marketplace Rentals Partner in 2018 and developing our exclusive Chatbot tech, we've handled over 21M conversations and helped save our customers millions through our automation.

Quality & Quantity

We are uniquely positioned to post our partners listings on FBM and deliver quality high intent renters thanks to our technology and experience. Our team of listing specialists are singularly focused on the quality of your listings to assure you are leveraging the increase in lead volume from high intent renters.

Increase Lease Volume by 3x

Increase qualified lead volume and convert more leases with our Facebook Messenger Chatbot that works around the clock.

Top Rankings
100% Renter Response Rate, Even After Hours
Facebook Messenger Lead Qualifying Chatbot

Posting Handled For You

No more asking your leasing agents to post from their personal Facebook accounts, respond to messages at all hours, and manually enter leads into your CRM. With Rentable, sit back and watch qualified leads from Facebook Marketplace roll directly into your CRM.

Your Properties Get Posted, Every Time
100% Renter Response Rate, Even After Hours
Leads Entered Directly into Your CRM
Accurate, Up-to-Date Pricing and Availability
Fair-Housing Compliant

Pre-Qualified Leads

Rather than an endless stream of 'Is this still available?' messages, receive pre-qualified leads interested in your most current availability right in your CRM. You can even schedule tours automatically via our tour scheduling integrations.

Facebook Messenger Lead Qualifying Chatbot
Accurate, Up-to-Date Pricing and Availability
Schedule Tours Instantly
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Renter messages handled on Marketplace


Dollars of leasing agents’ time saved through FBM automation


Properties trusted by customers to list on FBM


Confirmed tours when using a tour scheduling integration

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2-3x Lead Volume
No Need to Post Manually
Seamless CRM Integrations
Dedicated Leasing Team
Only Available from Rentable
Respond to 100% of Leads, 24/7


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